A Visit to Copenhagen & Legoland

We arrive in Copenhagen around lunchtime, hoping to have left the gray, rainy Sweden behind for a weekend in sunny, vibrant Copenhagen. As we step out of the station, every cloud empties itself of every drop of water. To avoid getting caught in the downpour, we seek shelter inside Tivoli’s food court, a great spot for lunch. Cocks and Cows!

Streets of Copenhagen and Rundetaarn – April 12

Satiated and satisfied, we venture out onto the streets of Copenhagen amidst changing weather. Sun, wind, and drizzle with a warm ten degrees in the air—a time when nobody knows what outerwear to wear. Winter coat, spring jacket, raincoat, vest, or just a t-shirt; no one seems to be quite sure. We opt for rain jackets. We stroll around, window-shopping in the geeky stores we come across, from comic books to board games. However, as this is the famous Strøget, we find mostly fashion boutiques with various well-known brands. After a quick fika at Joe & the Juice, we finally make our way to Rundetaarn. A tower without stairs, spiraling up into the sky. The light inside is perfect for taking photos. At the top, you can overlook Copenhagen and feel the spring weather on your face. From that height, you can appreciate Danish architecture. Compared to the Swedish “shoebox design,” Danish design has a bit more flair. They dare to be a bit more adventurous. Lastly, there was one more floor in the tower. At the very top is an observatory. This time it was closed, with only the opportunity for a quick peek, but I managed to capture a good picture of the telescope. For dinner, we choose Wagamama. Ordering via QR code at the table is super efficient, and the food is excellent. I think they should have one of these in Sweden. To my disappointment, they had closed their only restaurant in Sweden. To any entrepreneurial spirits out there in the restaurant industry, please reopen, thank you!

Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s Splash of Color in the Spring Sun – April 13

Today we are going to experience Nyhavn. The morning promises good weather with sun and a light breeze. We easily make our way there by public transport and once there, we see the colorful Copenhagen as seen on so many postcards. Nyhavn. Ennex had his camera ready, and he wasn’t alone. Several tourists were taking pictures of the colorful houses reflecting against the water, not to mention the classic wooden boats moored at the quay. Very picturesque. To truly soak in the atmosphere, we needed to sit down and find a café. Personally, having never tried smørrebrød, I felt it was worth a shot. So, we found ourselves a spot at an outdoor café, with a view overlooking the harbor and the sun warming us in the April weather. The first bite was like an entire summer season in one morsel. I might be romanticizing the memory a bit, but it was very lovely and, above all, delicious.

An afternoon in the Copenhagen Natural History Museum & Palmhouse.

Morning turns into afternoon, and we continue our adventure in Copenhagen, managing to find our way to Rosenborg Castle. We pause to admire the castle while taking some photos. However, it doesn’t take long before we move on to the Natural History Museum. Inside, there was a photo exhibition titled “Wildlife Photographer of the Year“. If you like photography, you should definitely visit. Many beautiful and impressive photos. We also took the opportunity to see the geological exhibition in the same building. However, eager to see the Palm House, our visit was brief, and we chose to walk through Copenhagen’s botanical garden where the season had not yet begun for the plants to bloom. Once inside the Palm House, I’ll let the pictures describe the experience best. For me, as a plant enthusiast, this was a highlight of the day. Walking among the plants is a way to recharge, but walking in there with a hoodie in the high humidity might not have been the smartest move, albeit very sweaty.

A Visit to Legoland – April 14

It’s Sunday now, and we have moved from Copenhagen to Vejle, taking the bus to Legoland in Billund. It’s windy, a warming eight degrees, and alternating sunshine, but that doesn’t stop us. We ride attractions like boats, trains, roller coasters, and go through the haunted house. However, the experience of walking around in Miniland was quite impressive. Seeing everything built in LEGO of places we’ve been to ourselves was exciting to see. Perhaps it was the fact that they were in miniature that made it interesting, or that someone or several people managed to build this spectacle. Not entirely sure what caught our attention, but the word I find to describe it is simply -Impressive. Of course, Copenhagen was represented, but you could also find Amsterdam from the Netherlands, Göta Canal from Sweden, and Bergen in Norway, just to name a few. I must admit, after seeing Bergen in LEGO, that place ended up on my bucket list to visit. The architecture was so stylish in LEGO that I must visit that city in real life. If you like amusement parks, I think you would enjoy Legoland, partly because there’s quite a lot to do, with many attractions for both adults and children. If you’re going to Legoland in Denmark, I can recommend going during the spring season if the weather is good. It was certainly not deserted, but there were enough people to be able to catch your breath, plus almost no queues at attractions and restaurants.

Conclusion of the visit of Copenhagen

As a conclusion of this trip, I must say it was a pleasant stay in Denmark. Nyhavn will probably receive another visit in the future. Sitting there in the morning, just enjoying the moment with a good smørrebrød and a nice drink, it was just wonderful. The Palm House was indeed a pleasant surprise. Despite it being just lots of plants, warm, and high humidity, it was still lovely to just walk around in there. I could have easily stayed in there longer. Legoland, I probably would have appreciated it more if I went there as a child. But all the lego constructions in Miniland still impressed me greatly, so I definitely don’t regret the trip.

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